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Caring for you and about you.

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At Health Mart we care about our patients. In fact, we go “above and beyond” what the large chain stores or other pharmacies can offer. Since we are locally owned, we choose to take the time needed to provide better care. We are committed to making it easier for you and your family to manage your health through the personal attention, unexpected conveniences, and trusted advice only available from an independent pharmacy.

We know you by name, not just your refill number.

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We make your life a little easier - one prescription at a time.

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We dispense knowledge. Not just prescriptions.

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Meet Health Mart Pharmacist Amir Serri

Meet Amir Serri, who believes that being a pharmacist is about touching people’s hearts through great service.

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Health Mart® TRUEplus® Diabetics’ Skin Care

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Solutions for healthier looking skin – Health Mart® TRUEplus® Diabetics’ Intensive Moisturizing and Foot Care Creams target specific needs, including moderate skin dryness, severe dry, rough skin and cracked feet.
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What They Say

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I rarely write reviews for products but with the Ken theme, I am more than grateful. The site is fully customizable and you can really feel like playing while designing the site! Thanks again for having made such a convenient, yet fully-functional theme.Hobao2407
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I can't believe how easy it is to customise and create anything in this theme! I've had no problems with it so far. IT'S SO AWESOME! I've used different themes for different clients before and nothing has compared to The Ken so far. You can literally do anything with this in no time at all. Well done!DANTaekwondoSchool
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This is one of the most incredible, flexible and well-documented themes on Theme Forest. Employing advanced coding techniques and keeping forward compatibility in mind, it's clear that the designers have spent serious and significant time working on this project. I love it, it makes my website shine.Namuwilliams
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Amazing Theme and incredible job with your Visual Composer enhancements (and have never seen a theme where you can hide elements from mobile/tablet if you choose, great option so can opt parallax sections that aren't 'mobile friendly')! And incredible Demo content upload, all the pages, menus, and images in seconds BAM!$Sterlingwilliam
SterlingwilliamThe Ken Buyer
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